Wattle Grove Cottage

Wattle Grove Cottage is a charming self-contained holiday accommodation located 3km from the main homestead, offering a unique blend of history and modern comfort. The two-bedroom retreat offers a fully-equiped kitchen, dining, lounge and laundry. Originally the MacGillivray School, Wattle Grove Cottage showcases the island’s rich past, having played a significant role in the local community.

Wattle Grove Cottage has two spacious king bedrooms, each with ensuite bathrooms, located in the original part of the house.

Relax by the fireplace in the lounge, thoughtfully decorated with a mix of contemporary furnishings and vintage charm. 

The fully-equiped kitchen allows you to enjoy home cooked meals during your stay.

The original building was the MacGillivray School, supporting the children in the district. Stranraer Homestead provided accommodation for the teacher. Once the new Kingscote School was built, the MacGillivray School was closed and students were transported to Kingscote via a bus each day. The building was transformed into a house, used by a number of families over the following decades.

Wattle Grove Cottage has been beautifully restored by highly-regarded architect Max Pritchard. Max’s connection with the property and the Wheaton family adds a personal touch to the restoration. Born in The Workman’s Cottage at Stranraer Homestead, Max brings a deep understanding of the island’s history to his work, elegantly blending the old and the new in the design of Wattle Grove Cottage.

Max’s ties to the Wheaton family and the Stranraer Homestead create a unique connection between the architect and Wattle Grove Cottage. The attention to detail in the restoration reflects Max’s personal appreciation for the island’s heritage.

Whether you’re exploring the surrounding natural beauty or simply unwinding in the comfort of this thoughtfully restored accommodation, Wattle Grove Cottage promises a truly memorable Kangaroo Island holiday experience.

Accommodation features